Jennifer is proud to receive the following endorsements: 

Rental Property Owners Association  

Greater Regional Alliance of REALTORS

Wayland Township Supervisor Roger VanVolkinburg:

“I am excited to announce my support for Jennifer Antel for State Representative. I’ve supported many candidates in the past, but after meeting with Jennifer recently for a lengthy conversation on her political aspirations I believe she is the best choice for us in Allegan County. I have known Jennifer for years as fellow local politicians. Her experience with local government will serve us well . Please join me in voting for Jennifer Summers-Antel for our next State Rep in August.”
— Roger VanVolkinburg

Former 72nd District Representative Ken Yonker

Former Mayor of Wayland Burrell Stein

Wayland Mayor Tim Bala

Wayland City Council Member Rick Mathis:

“I have had the privilege and honor of serving with Jennifer on the Wayland City Council since 2013. Jennifer has, and continues to be, a leader and visionary on the council. She has guided the city through difficult times and helped to keep the city focused on the future during good times. She has served with integrity and loyalty to the citizens of Wayland. Jennifer has proven time and time again that she has the interests of ALL citizens in mind when making decisions, something that I know she will bring to the State House of Representatives! It is my distinguished honor to endorse Jennifer Antel for the Michigan House in the 72nd District!”
— Rick Mathis

Wayland City Council Member Tim Rose:

“I have worked with Jennifer Antel for over 5 years in local government as well as in the community. Even though we have not always agreed, Jennifer did go above and beyond to understand why there was a difference of opinion, and worked hard to overcome it with compromise and by learning another viewpoint. I have come to respect Jennifer’s integrity and drive. It is with humility and respect that I endorse Jennifer Antel for the 72nd District House seat for the State of Michigan. She has my support and my vote.”
— Tim Rose

Wayland City Council Member John Sloan:

“I am proud and excited to endorse Jennifer Antel for State Representative of Michigan’s 72nd District.Michigan is in desperate need of honest, hard working, knowledgeable and passionate leaders to represent its constituents. Jennifer is just such a leader! It has been my honor to serve on Wayland’s City Council with Jennifer; her depth of knowledge of the issues at the city and state levels is beyond reproach. She will fight to do what is right for both the people of our district as well as the entire state. Better schools and more opportunities for our students is one of Jennifer’s top priorities, mine as well. This and her other goals to improve our district and dtate is why I am proud to endorse Jennifer Antel.”
— John Sloan

Former Wayland City Council Member Tracy Bivins: 

“I had the pleasure of serving with Jen on the Wayland City council for 5 and 1/2 years. Her integrity, passion, knowledge and friendliness will be a great asset to our state. When I found out she was stepping up for this role, I was more than eager to support her. My family shares the same sentiments. We could not ask for a more dignified candidate to take on this task. I know she will excel and will show the state what it means to have a compassionate person representing, not only her community, but other communities surrounding her. I am so proud of you Jen! You have my respect and my vote!”
— Tracy Bivins

Allegan County Sheriff Frank Baker:

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Jennifer Antel and her family for many years through our church and her time as a Wayland City Council member. I am certain she will do a great job representing the citizens of this district. She has the experience, the determination, and the willingness to collaborate and work with others to accomplish great things.”
— Frank Baker

Wayland Union School Board Member Janel Timmermann-Hott:

“Jen has been a friend and a huge supporter of our community and schools! She is level headed, has common sense, and definitely has all of my family’s support!”
— Janel Timmermann-Hott

Wayland Union School Board Member Cinnamon Mellema

Wayland Union School Board Member Tony Ordway

Kent County Commissioner Harold Mast

Allegan County Commissioner Mark DeYoung

Retired Teacher and  Wyoming Schools Superintendent David Britten  

Retired Kent County Commissioner and Former Kentwood Public School Board Member Dick Vandermolen: 

“For this upcoming election, I am happy to endorse Jennifer Antel as state rep for the 72nd district. Jennifer’s experience and service uniquely qualifies her to represent our district, and I am confident she will do so with dignity, determination, and respect.”
— Dick Vandermolen

Wayland Resident Tonya Cheyne:

“I was so happy to see you throw your hat in the ring. In the short time I have known you I have admired how you handle public concerns and even how well you work with the other council members. You handle opposing views so graciously and I think that is a trait that is sorely lacking in many parts of the political arena. You listen to the opposing side and actually acknowledge their concerns. The only way to get people on board with a compromise is to make them feel heard. That’s all any of us want, right? I wish you all the luck.”
— Tonya Cheyne

Business Owner Anthony Winters